We have plans and options to fit just about anyone's budget.

Virtual DKG1 DKG2 DKG3 DKG4
$9.95 pm * $12.95 pm * $19.95 pm $34.95 $54.95
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* Denotes a one-time $25 setup fee

Even though our hosting packages/plans fit over 95% of the general public’s web needs, we still try to accomodate the other 5% by offering to customize our current packages to suit those who need something in-between or beyond our four main hosting plans.

Feel free to call us at 740-345-3535 to discuss customization of one of our existing plans. We can add applications, disc space, extra-bandwidth, increase allotted domains etc in order to suit your wesite needs.

For more, visit our “Custom Hosting Options” page.